As a Child

Dyslexia can affect learning to read and write. Children with dyslexia may confuse or muddle sounds within words and find it hard to break words down and identify syllables.  Working memory difficulties can impact on mathematics and learning the times tables. Children with dyslexia are often bright and chatty, creative, sporty and have excellent problem-solving skills.
Early intervention for a child with dyslexia can make an enormous difference.   Specialist dyslexia teachers are trained in teaching literacy and 'phonics' with a systematic multisensory approach. This can help to reinforce the relationship between the letters and sounds to improve word reading and spelling. 
1:1 tuition can also help to develop all areas of reading and writing and encourages the child to identify and utilise his/her learning style. This can have a positive effect on confidence at school. The earlier the intervention the better, but it is never ‘too late’, children of all ages would benefit from specialist tuition. 
There is no miracle cure or ‘quick fix’ for dyslexia; however, it is widely acknowledged that specialist tuition can, over time and with commitment, make a marked difference.

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